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Privacy Policy

Dear User,
According to art. 13 in the Legislative Act 196/03 and following modifications and integrations (hereafter named “Privacy Code”) in regard to the treatment of your personal data, we inform you as follows:
  • Above mentioned treatment is inspired to principles of propriety, legitimacy, transparency and protection of your privacy and rights;
  • The treatment also concerns personal data strictly connected with the “sensitive data” as per articles no. 4.1 (d) and no. 26of the Privacy Code.

1) Finality of the treatment

Personal data that you supply or acquired by Agritech through third parties, also referred to sensitive data as per art. No. 4 comma 1 (D) ans art. No. 26 of the Privacy Code are treated by our company and/or by our persons in charge for following finalities:

  1. For its activity in the processing, management, finalization, fulfillment of pre contractual and contractual relations with the user, to supply the services required by the user or in favor of the user, as well as for the fulfillment of strictly related activities;
  2. For the fulfillment of law and rule obligations, of provisions issued by control and surveillance authorities;
  3. For the run of commercial activities promoting services offered by company Agritech, and the dispatch of commercial flyers.

2) Modality of the treatment

The treatment as in objet is carried out according to modalities foreseen in the Privacy Code, also through computerized and automatic tools, an in a non-exhaustive way through collection activities, registration, organization, recording, cancellation, elaboration, selection, comparison, use, interconnection, consulting, communication, elimination, data block, according to the principles of safety protection, accessibility, confidentiality, integrity. Said data are treated and kept in the terms mandatorily prescribed by the law, within the limits and according to the modality of the law itself. The treatment is carried out directly by the owner’s organization and by external professionals being appointed by the company itself or by strictly company-related collaborators, as responsible for the execution of the contractual activities requested by the User (in addition to what stated at comma 4) . Data will not be broadcasted.

3) Conferment of the data

We inform that the conferment of your personal data, even of sensitive nature, is necessary for the finalization and management of the contract and to improve the execution of the contractual services in your favor, as well as for the execution of the activities that are strictly connected with the fulfillment of mentioned services. The conferment of data can be mandatory if prescribed by laws, rules and EU norms. Refusal to consent the treatment of personal data as per commas a) and b) will make impossible to perform the contract and or carry out the services you requested or in your favor as foreseen in the contract. The conferment of personal data aimed at commercial information and promotion of the services provided by Agritech is facultative and does not have consequences on the contractual bindings.

4) Individuals or categories of individuals entitled to receive data

Data may be transmitted for the finalities as per comma 1a) and for treatments having the same finalities to enterprises of the Agritech Group, to individuals not belonging to the company’s distribution chain but doing activities that are connected with or auxiliary to the contractual relationship. The same data may be transferred for finalities as per comma 1b) to individuals that must be legally informed, in the terms and limits prescribed by the law, to public and security authorities, to individuals or organizations to whom relevant positions in the editorial domain are delegated, to associations and pools from the sector or to databases that must be mandatorily informed. Also, data may be transferred for finalities as in comma 1c) to companies of the Agritech Group (controlling, controlled or affiliate companies even in a non direct way as per the applicable laws), entrusted by Agritech.

5) Rights of the user in relation to the treatment of personal data

We also inform that art. 7 of the Privacy Code gives you specific rights, among which the right to be constantly informed which of your personal data are located at the company or at different individuals or at individuals entitled to know them as persons in charge or entrusted persons, and the use being done. Particularly:

  1. The user is entitled to receive confirmation of the existence of personal data concerning him, although not registered yet, and the communication hereof in understandable form;
  2. The user is entitled to obtain information:
    a) About the origin of personal data;
    b) About the finalities and modalities of the treatment;
    c) About the working system applied in case of treatment effected with the help of electronic tools;
    d) About the owner’s personal data, and the personal data of the persons in charge and the representative appointed as per art. 5, comma 2;
    e) About the individuals and categories of individuals to whom personal data may be transferred or who may get to know the user’s data as appointed representatives in the territory of the State
  3. The User is entitled to obtain:
    a) The updating, correction or, if of any interest, the integration of the data;
    b) The cancellation, transformation into anonymity or the blockage of treated, law breaking data, included those whose recording is not mandatory in relation to the goals for which they were collected or subsequently treated;
    c) The statement that operations as per commas (a) and (b) have been brought to knowledge, in their contents too, of those who have received the data, except the case in which the fulfillment turns out to be impossible or causes a clearly non proportioned use of tools compared with the tutelary rights.
  4. The user has the right to oppose, completely or partly:
    a) for legitimate reasons, to the treatment of the own personal data, although relevant to the finalities of the collection;
    b) to the treatment of the own personal data aimed at the dispatch of advertisement or sales material or at the accomplishment of market researches or commercial communications.

To exercise mentioned rights, the user can address directly to Agritech

6) Owner of the treatment

The owner of the treatment is Agritech Srl, via Rimembranze 7 – 25012 Calvisano (Brescia) . VAT No. 01532340989

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