Tanks for liquids

Agritech is proud to present a new range of vertical tanks in reinforced fibreglass, from 5 to 60 m3 storage volume, suitable to contain liquid products like water, chemical liquids, fertilizers, and also: by-products of the cheese industry and sugar refineries, sewage after the separation of the solid parts. The tanks of Agritech are light but highly resistant to mechanic stress; they also resist acids and salt aggression very well, they are durable and easy to transport and install. The tanks of Agritech are made in first rate reinforced fibreglass and they are enriched with stainless steel fittings. Therefore, they are not subject to corrosion or damages caused by environmental agents, and they last long. They are supplied in transparent as a standard, but they can be painted in whichever colour on customers’ request, still having a clear graduated strip to allow the immediate product level visualization.


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