Fiberglass shelters for calves

The new range of fiberglass calf boxes “Agribox” and “Spheribox” is the result of the special care that Agritech has devoted for the last twenty years to the evolution of breeding techniques, along with the constant research of innovative solutions. The first-rate fiberglass calf boxes of Agritech are available in different dimensions and colours and offer several advantages, such as:

  • Easy transport and quick assembly thanks to their modular design;

  • Excellent resistance to environmental agents, high mechanical stability, a maintenance-free life of at least 20 years;

  • The possibility to be successfully installed in all climate conditions and to stand temperature fluctuations from -40° C. to +45° C.;

  • Better health and faster weight increase for the calves thanks to natural aeration and the excellent thermal insulation provided by fiberglass (the death and disease propagation rates of the calves kept in outdoor boxes are considerably inferior to the rates registered in conventional stables);

  • A wide range of accessories, among which we count metal fences, hay racks, feed troughs, bucket holders, rainproof protections and much more

The technical and sales staff of Agritech are also ready to study and quote customized solutions upon request.


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