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Agritech Srl, the European leader in the processing of fiberglass storage bins, as animal feed, cereals and bulk materials since 1987, manufactures and supplies a wide range of products aimed at the satisfaction of the specific needs of customers in the agricultural and industry sectors, both in Italy and worldwide.

All our products, tanks, screw conveyors, poultry equipments and silos (for animal feed and different kind of bulk goods) are synonymous of high quality products and services, ranging from the careful selection of the best raw materials to the shipment of finished products. All these properties made our feed silos and machineries perfect both for agricultural and industry sectors.

Agritech creations are guarantee by a young, dynamic and multilingual staff, together with a strict control of the management processes dictated by certified UNI EN ISO 9001-2008 and “Statik” quality standards.

Furthermore, aware of the challenges that the environment presents to us and to all the farmers (always seeking for good animal feed storages and distribution machineries) everyday, we are proud to derive the energy needed to produce solely from renewable sources.

Indeed, our motto is “Storage and More”, because our core-business was, and still is, making fiberglass silos to store any kind of dry bulk products, like compound feeds and animal feed, grain and cereals, fertilizers and mineral salts in a capacity range from 2 to 75 m3. We also have been constantly adding new, complementary products to keep our business always up-to-date with the market demand, such as mobile feed tanks, fiberglass tanks for liquids, mechanic auger, special kinds of feed silos, and spiral conveyors for the loading, unloading and distribution of bulk products within the farms.

Always paying particular attention to the requests and suggestions of our primary customers, the farmers, we have gradually introduced many innovative solutions besides animal feed and bulk products storages. For example: fiberglass modular boxes with fencing systems and environmental control for calves, horses and pigs; or the high volume fans (mod Agrifan) for stable aeration and the fiberglass roofing systems for wastewater and slurry tanks of Ecotech range.

We kindly invite you to explore our website and discover the above described products (bulk products and animal feed silos, storages, machineries and so on) as well as all small items and accessories that Agritech has developed for you with the very same passion and commitment we have been dedicating to making silos over the last 25 years.