Benefits of Agritech Silos















  1. The upper part of Agritech silos is light conical; as a consequence, the stored products flow out more easily.   
  2. In the silos of Agritech the conical part (hopper) extend towards the upper cylinder for almost 50 cm. This way, the legs of the silos can be fixed at the main body by means of large metal plates. On the contrary, the silos of the competition do not have large fixation plates, so the conical part is not properly supported and this can lead to serious damages or even to the collapsing of the silos.
  3. The transparent parts of the main bodies of Agritech silos are painted with gelcoat, while the transparent parts of the silos of the competition are only spread with clear resin.
  4. The outlet of Agritech silos has a diameter of 780 mm and makes the descent of any bulk product very easy. On the contrary, the outlet of the silos of the competition has a diameter of only 500 mm, which leads to the creation of feed bridges and feed stickings on the walls.  





The silos of Agritech can be transported in large quantities, that is from 24 to 27 pcs per truck.


The silos of Agritech have an adequate thickness and are reinforced by means of glass-fibers and glass fabrics, which enhance their strenght. Sometimes, the silos of the competition show strains or deformation event after one year because of their insufficient strenght.


Agritech gives 11 years guarantee on its silos. What about the competition?


The bolts supplied by Agritech are deep hot galvanised, and therefore rust-free. What about the competition? (see photos hereunder)