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Since 1987 Agritech Srl has been manufacturing and selling Silos in Italy for interior and exterior in fiberglass for the storage of raw materials.

The fiberglass silos by Agritech Srl are lightweight, airtight and offer high mechanical strength and a great thermal insulation. Being corrosion-free, they will last 25 years without any need of special maintenance. Any kind of bulk dry product with a specific weight ranging from 0.6 ton/m³ to 1,5 ton/m³ can be safely stored in our silos in all environmental conditions.

Our production meets the most stringent criteria of assembly, engineering and quality control, all elements that put us right in the elite of European manufacturers of silos, making us a synonymous with professionalism and experience in the field for years now.

Thanks to the modular design of our silos, worldwide transport is compact and inexpensive.






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Silos Mod. SIV, SIM, SIO, SIE

Agritech fiberglass silos are light, airtight and offer high mechanical resistance and thermal insulation. » Go on

Fiberglass shelters for calves

he new range of fiberglass calf boxes “Agribox” and “Spheribox” is the result of the special care that Agritech has devoted for the last twenty years to the evolution of breeding techniques, along with the constant research of innovative solutions. » Go on

Truck tanks

Agritech creates a range of truck tanks in different sizes for the transport of different agricultural products, systems that respond to the transport needs in the same way as the fiberglass tanks and bins fulfill the requirements for storage. » Go on

Rigid screw conveyors

Spirotech is proud to present its wide range of modular screw conveyors entirely made in deep hot galvanised steel or, upon request, in stainless steel. Conveyors driven by electric or fuel powered engines or by hydraulic systems. » Go on


Reinforced fiberglass silos for the storage of spreading salt, granular fertilizer, limestone, calcium carbonate, sand and other heavy products » Go on

Tanks for liquids

Agritech is proud to present a new range of vertical tanks in reinforced fibreglass, from 5 to 60 m3 storage volume, suitable to contain liquid products like water, chemical liquids, fertilizers, and also: by-products of the cheese industry and sugar refineries, sewage after the separation of the solid parts. » Go on

Flexible augers

Agritech produces a new spread of flex augers for the transportation of both granulated and powdered products in the agricultural and industrial field. The augers are made in strong steel and the pipes in high density PVC, assuring long lasting performance. » Go on


Agritech is proud to introduce AGRICOOL 120, the best and most sanitary solution for deadstock like chicken, piglets, lambs and rabbits. » Go on

Fiberglass shelter for horses

New modular shelter in reinforced fiberglass for horses mod. Equibox. It provides horses with a spacious, well-aired and heat-protected interior thanks to the insulating properties of fiberglass. » Go on

High volume fans

AGRITECH is proud to present a new range of screw fans specially designed to meet the needs of modern farming. » Go on

Poultry Equipments

gritech after reaching top results in the manufacturing of fiberglass silos for feed storage, has now expanded its activity and provides the complete equipment for broiler houses. modern feeding and drinking systems, heating and ventilation. » Go on