Welcome to AGRITECH

Agritech is an Italian company located in the Nord of Italy, specifically in the town of Calvisano, specialized in the production and commerce of fiberglass equipment for the livestock sector in more than 70 countries all over the world.

Our fiberglass silos are suitable for the storage of different materials, from granulated feed to flour powder, from pellet products to integrators and mineral salts. Agritech silos are characterized by extremely high constructive and qualitative standards certified by the Uni En Iso 9001-2015 and the Deutsches Institute für Bautechnik (DIBT) that make them ideal for satisfying the needs even in various industrial sectors.

Fiberglass silos and Trevira fabric, Tubular and Flexible screw conveyors, Truck Tanks, Fiberglass Shelters for animals, Liquid Tanks, Automatic feeding systems and more…


Fiberglass silos are main Agritech’s products during its long activity and they have been developed in a wide variety of models able to meet the various logistical and performance needs, optimizing the quality of the storage of products and transport costs.


The research for innovative solutions in the field of calves, pigs and horses has led Agritech to create a series of shelters dedicated to the protection and improvement of animal welfare. Our shelters meet the needs of outdoor breeding by guarantee a valid alternative to technical livestock method.


Agritech produces truck tanks of different capacities for the transport of feed and other products. We have a wide range of models that can meet the most varied needs of breeders.


Liquid tanks are made in reinforced fiberglass and are the ideal solution for storing liquid and semi-liquid products, such as fertilizers, slurry and waste products derived from dairy processing.


Rigid and flexible screws conveyors, together with a wide range of accessories, allow the farmer to optimize the management of feed contained in the silos. The continuous research has enabled us to develop ultimate systems for feeding and distributing products stored in the silos.


Our fiberglass roofing system have been designed to meet multiple needs. In fact, they are the necessary complement to purification plants, helping to reduce the emission of noise and disturbing odors, and to slurry treatment plants. Agritech’s modular fiberglass covers are available in various shapes and sizes.


Agritech Poultry section supply different equipment for the poultry farms, from the automatic feeding lines, to the heating and ventilation systems up to a real movable poultry barn for poultry farming.


The agritech product range has been enriched over the years to satisfy all the needs of breeders all over the world. In fact, we propose many innovative solutions, such as large-volume fans for stable ventilation, silos in Trevira,  Electronic weighing systems for silos, Fodder Mini Plant, Cooling Box for deadstock, cages for the transport of animals and much more…