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Consistent with our slogan: Storage & More…

The Agritech product range has been enriched over the years to satisfy all the needs of breeders all over the world. In fact, we propose many innovative solutions, such as large-volume fans for stable ventilation, silos in Trevira, Electronic weighing systems for silos, Fodder Mini Plant, Cooling Box for deadstock, cages for the transport of animals and much more…

TREVIRA fabric silos

Agritech proposes, in addition to the traditional fiberglass silos, an innovative series of Trevira fabric silos. They are the most appropriate solution for storage in warehouses of powdered and granular products, cereals and various animal feed. Two versions of fabric silos are available:   the  STR model that is composed by two  sets of pockets,  and it is suitable for floury products for mainly industrial use and the SIT model that has only one series of pockets, for light products and for agricultural / livestock use. Both are made of high tenacity fabric, durable and self-breathing. They are supported by a hot galvanized steel structure. Capacity ranges from 2 Mc. to 30 Mc.


Agritech is pleased to present the new reinforced fiberglass hopper for the storage of bulk cereals, equipped with a hot deep galvanized steel structure and available in different capacities from 2 Mc. up to 22 Mc. The transparency of the hopper allows an easy control of the level of the product and are suitable to be surmounted with corrugated metal ferrules in order to increase its capacity.


Agritech has developed a series of electronic systems on stainless steel cells for the weighing of silos, and on request, the dosing of the product discharged from each silo and the monitoring of various consumption data from silos or groups of silos located in different warehouses. Our weight processors are accurate and easy to use thanks to the latest touch screen technologies.

Fiberglass TANKS

Agritech offers a wide choice of fiberglass tanks, both rectangular and round, for water containment of the poultry and fish farming sector. In addition, thanks to their versatility and the high resistance of the fiberglass, they can also be used for the containment of chemicals, solvents and industrial products. 

AGRIFAN– Axial fans

Agrifan is Agritech’s new range of axial fans with a large volume of diam. 1400 mm. produced in solid deep hot galvanized sheet with stainless steel blades. We distribute two types of fans: in the grid-grid or grid-shutter models with centrifugal opening, and 1 or 1.5 HP motors at fixed or adjustable speed.

AGRIBAC– Slurry tray

Reinforced fiberglass slurry trays for farrowing crates; they are easy to install and to clean. AGRIBAC trays are  highly durable and resistant to aggressive liquids.

Farrowing CRATE

Special crate engineered to facilitate sows farrowing and providing the highest levels of hygiene and safety for the animals.

Cattle CAGE

Contention and treatment cages for cattle with central access doors and blocking gates with double knockers.


Compact and economical, it is used for the preparation of feed mixtures. It is composed by a mill placed on electronic weighing system, an intake plant, a diagonal mixer and a drain gate.


Plant for the production of biodisel, supplied complete with a collection basin.