Rigid and flexible SCREW CONVEYORS

Screw Conveyors systems to optimize feed transport

Agritech is a leader in the production and commercial of systems for loading, unloading and conveying any type of dry feed, agricultural or industrial product through rigid and flexible augers.


Tubular screw conveyors for conveying cereals and feed from silos to the point of discharge outside or inside the barn.


Our rigid tubular screws are able to convey any type of dry material in granular or powder form, starting from the bottom of the silo or from bulks holes and they guarantee the flow rates requested by customers and a delicate treatment of the products. Agritech produces a wide range of screws in both galvanized steel and inox steel, of different lengths and diameters in order to meet the specific needs of farmers.

Truck screw CONVEYORS

Rigid screws on a mobile trolley allow easy handling of cereals, feed and other bulk products within the farm. Their versatility and the ability to move them easily from one site to another make them suitable    to meet different needs. They are available in various lengths and diameters and can be equipped with hoppers of different sizes.


The rigid tubular augers mod. CAG is particularly suitable for loading mixing wagons; they are equipped with a three-phase motor complete with carter and a    cardanic joint to ensure complete emptying of the bottom of the silo. They are  available in different lengths and diameters, depending on the best solutionforthe breeder.


Over the years Agritech has developed a model of tubular screws conveyors suitable for vertical filing of silo. This type of screw is produced in hot galvanized steel and it is equipped with an engine placed at the upper end and a hopper for receiving the bulk product. Vertical augers are available in different lengths and diameters depending on the necessity and height of the silo.


Another specific application very popular in agriculture is the channel screw. This transport system  is  used to convey feed and grains which are stored in several battery-placed silos; Channel augers are also used  to supply feed tanks for pigs, giving at the breeder the opportunity to automate feeding process within the farm. This type of screw is produced in hot galvanized steel and is equipped with an engine and a speed reducer.


Our hydraulically operated screws are specifically designed for the discharge or recovery of seeds, grains and fertilizers in agricultural trailers. They are available in different lengths and diameters, as well as being fixed or foldable, they can be produced in galvanized iron or stainless steel with central or lateral exhaust.

Flexible AUGERS

Agritech produces a complete range of flexible screws for the transport of granular, pelletized and floury products. The spirals are made of Fe steel and the pipes are made of high-density PVC to ensure high resistance and durability of the transport system. The continuous need to research for automatic solutions for the transport of products from the silos to the point of feeding animals has allowed Agritech to develop versatile transport systems depending on the breeder need.

Flexible AUGERS

As mentioned above, our flexible transport systems are tailor-made according to the breeder’s needs. In general, a flexible transport line is composed of the starting hopper, adaptable to any  Agritech silos, connected with a complete PVC line with a spiral that conveys the product to an automatic power supply system thanks to the power of the drive unit that is located at the end of the line. The most important considerations to consider designing a flexible transport system are the model of the bottom to be used, diameter and length of the line and power of the drive unit.