The most asked questions by our costumers

What can be stored in Agritech silos?

Our fiberglass silos are suitable for the storage of different materials, from granulated feed to powdered flours, from pelleted products to supplements and mineral salts.

What are the advantages of gelcoat paint?

Agritech supplies specific paints for fiberglass that guarantee high protection to silos (and all other fiberglass products) against atmospheric and corrosive agents present in the air (humidity, salt … etc.) and with high resistance to UV rays.

Which are the quality certifications of the company Agritech ?

Agritech is proud of the certifications obtained during the conduct of its production activity. In particular we point out the UNI EN ISO 9001-2008 Tuv Nord and Statik certificates.

How can large quantities of silos be shipped?

Agritech produces a wide range of silos with a modular design that makes them particularly suitable for transport in trucks of all types and in 20 ‘and 40’ marine containers. The models characterized by this logistical advantage are: SIA, SIO, SIV and SIE.

How can I load the feed into Agritech silos?

Agritech silos can be loaded either mechanical through a cochlear transport system which uses the top opening of the silo, which can be easily opened with a lid with a stainless steel spring. Or another solution is the pneumatic charge which takes place through the charge and vent tubes integrated in the legs. In this case, the silo is supplied with a lid with hinges and wing nuts to ensure complete airtightness.