Agritech Poultry – Equipment for poultry farms composed of automatic feeding system, heating and ventilation equipment

Agritech POULTRY

Agritech is pleased to present a new range of products for poultry farms. We are able to provide everything necessary for the breeding of chickens: from the storage of the feed to its distribution through flexible screws system and automatic feeding lines; from the distribution of water with drinkers for broilers with a   drop-saving device to the windows and thermo-regulated air inlets, from fans to heating equipment.

The materials used for all components are of first quality and guarantee the best performance and a long service life.

AGRIBARN– Poultry Shed

The new mobile poultry shed mod. AGRIBARN has been designed to meet the need for organic livestock. It is made with high strength insulating panels composed of a double galvanized and lacquered sheet metal with polyurethane foam. On the side there are windows that allow perfect ventilation of the internal environment and an adjustable dome at the top. Four “French” gate that allow the free exit/entry of chickens. The shed is supplied in a kit and equipped with an assembly and installation manual.  It  is also possible to integrate the product with silos for the storage of feed, automatic feeding systems, rigid and flexible screws depending on the needs of the breeder and also with a photovoltaic system for the production of the current necessary to power the various utilities.