Welcome to AGRITECH

Agritech is an Italian company located in the Nord of Italy, specifically in the town of Calvisano, specialized in the production and commerce of fiberglass equipment for the livestock sector in more than 70 countries all over the world.

Our fiberglass silos are suitable for the storage of different materials, from granulated feed to flour powder, from pellet products to integrators and mineral salts. Agritech silos are characterized by extremely high constructive and qualitative standards certified by the Uni En Iso 9001-2015 and the Deutsches Institute für Bautechnik (DIBT) that make them ideal for satisfying the needs even in various industrial sectors.

Thanks to 30 year of close cooperation with worldwide farmers, Agritech has constantly improved the design of its silos and has been able to introduce many other products such as a wide range of fiberglass shelters for animal protection, rigid and flexible screw conveyors, truck tanks for the transport of feed, tanks for the storage of liquids products, weighing systems for silos and other products designed to satisfy even the most demanding farmers.

The attention to foreign markets and the extreme quality of the products has led Agritech to grow significantly and steadily, thus leading to a continuous innovation in the research for the best technical solutions. In fact, besides the silos, we also produce feed transport systems through our wide range of rigid screw models, flexible screws and channel screws conveyors in hot deep galvanize steel.

Over the years, the company POLY 3 has been settled with the aim to produce gelcoat paints. With its laboratory tests, the company provides fiberglass-specific paints in order to guarantee high protection to silos (and all other fiberglass products) compared to atmospheric and corrosive agents present in the air (humidity, salt… etc.) and with high UV resistance.

We are also very proud to have developed over the years collaborations and joint ventures with companies located in different parts of the world; the section below illustrates its peculiarities.


AGRITECH is pleased to present our strategic partners around the world

Agritech is the group leader and its has been the creator of the development of other independent companies that operate in close contact.

At international level, Agritech collaborates with three major joint ventures, one in China (Extra Machinery), one Thailand (Kasetphand) and one production site in Slovakia (Agritech Slovakia).

In Italy, Poly3 has been settled to improve the design and production of paints specifically dedicated to the colouring of fiberglass silos, while for the mechanical part Spirotech is specialized in the production of all the steel equipment needed for the manufacture of a silos and systems for transport with screws conveyors.

Intech is specialized in the design and the production of silos suitable for the storage of granulated or powdered food products.

The Eltech company, on the other hand, operates in the renewable energy sector, and it is focused on the design and plan of industrial and domestic projects by using photovoltaic and hydroelectric equipment.

Finally, we are particularly proud to present Bluecotech, an Italian company that designs and manufactures standing and portable ozone generators for domestic and industrial use. The company’s mission is to build equipment and machines for disinfection, sanitization and purification of water and air.

Agritech, thanks to the photovoltaic panel plant in its production and storage sites, is able to satisfy the company’s energetic needs using only clean energy and operating in full respect of the environment.

In total, Agritech companies offer employments to about 100 people in Italy.

Logo Azienda Agritech

Group leader, began its activity in 1987 by immediately developing internationalization strategies in the main European agricultural countries.

Logo Azienda Intech

Company specialized in the design and manufacture of silos for the storage and dosing of granulated or powdered food products.

Logo Azienda Agritech Slovakia

Production and assembly site for trade business in eastern European countries.

Logo Azienda Poly3

A company born as a spin-off of Agritech specialized in the design, production and marketing of gelcoat paints and resins specific to fiberglass silos.

Logo Azienda Kasetphand

Joint venture in Thailand with the largest feed manufacturer in Asia.

Logo Azienda Shanghai

Joint venture for the production and commercialization of fiberglass silos in China.

Logo Azienda Eltech

Company operating in the renewable energy sector produces clean electricity thanks to photovoltaic and hydroelectric plants.

Logo Azienda Energo

Photovoltaic field for the production of clean energy in Romania.

Logo Azienda Bluecotech

Company specialized in the ozone machinery for the sanitization of activities such as laundries and buildings through the purification of water and air.

Logo Azienda Spitorech

Company specialized in the production of screw conveyors systems for loading and unloading silos.