Tanks for LIQUIDS

Reinforced fiberglass tanks for liquid storage

Our tanks for liquid, vertical or horizontal, are produced in reinforced fiberglass and guarantee the quality though a hermetic storage of products such as fertilizers, sewage, serum, molasses and processing waste in fluid or semi-fluid state. The non-alterability of reinforced fiberglass allows the creation of lightweight, durable and functional tanks. A series of accessories adaptable to different storage needs can be equipped to the tank. They are available in different models and capacities, from 5,000 l up to 60,000 l.

Liquid tanks mod. CIVE

Vertical fiberglass tank reinforced with a rounded bottom suitable for liquid products. It is produced through the continuous filament technique which ensures its strength, compactness and   durability. The tank comes with an upper flanged hatch and stainless-steel loading pipes in order to ensure an elevate resistance to weathering.

Liquid tanks mod. CIBO

Vertical fiberglass tank reinforced with a rounded bottom, on lift supports, for liquids with difficult extraction characteristic. Like the previous one, it is produced through the technique of continuous filament that ensures its strength, compactness and durability. On the tank body there is a graduated strip useful to visualize the level of the stored product; it is also equipped with a top loading nozzle and a free curved vent in fire-galvanized steel.

Liquid tanks mod. CIFO

Reinforced horizontal fiberglass tank suitable for the storage of liquid products.  It is always produced through the continuous filament technique and it is available in different capacities: from 5,000 l up to 60,000 l. The tank can be supplied complete with flange for the adaptation of measuring instruments of the stored product and a gate with flanged exhaust nozzles.

Liquid tanks mod. CISP

Vertical liquid tank equipped with 4 supports in hot deep galvanized steel and produced through the winding manufacturing process.  It is available in the 30,000 l or 35,000 l version. The peculiarity of this model is the possibility of being equipped with an internal heating coil; in addition, it can be equipped with access staircase, with walkway    and balcony for inspection from the upper nozzles.

Liquid tanks mod. CICA

Modular fiberglass tanks with flat base, produced with the spray cutter method. The characteristic feature of this tank is the modularity of the components, such as the removable cover, which optimize the transport by reducing its costs. It is available in different capacities, from 10,000 l up to 35,000 l.