Roofing systems in FIBERGLASS

Designed for sewage and slurry treatment plants and water treatment

Our fiberglass roofing system have been designed to meet multiple needs.  They are the suitable for the reduction of odorous emissions in purification plants, and in tanks for the treatment of slurry and sewage.  Agritech’s modular fiberglass covers are made of different shapes and colors, thus adapting easily to the environments and structures where they are mounted. Thanks to the lightweight of fiberglass, the assembly is quick and easy to perform.

Agritech covers ensure low thermal and electrical conductivity; they are resistant to internal corrosion and external weathering thanks to gelcoat paint. They also absorb the emission of harassing noise where it is present. The high mechanical strength of fiberglass and the absence of maintenance guarantee a long life of the covers.

The roofing systems can be equipped with hatch for the inspection, access doors, various vents and flanges for connection to deodorization systems. The modular parts of the cover are fixed thanks to stainless steel screws and adequate sealing materials.