Agritech has been producing fiberglass silos for feed and cereals for more than 30 years, in Italy and around the world

European leader in the production of silos

Agritech, was founded in 1987 and  has become European Leader for the production of fiberglass silos for the storage of any  type of material: from feed to flours powders,  minerals salts  to  liquids  and  chemical  powders; nowadays, we able to provide various products and solutions both in the agricultural / livestock sector (storage, handling and transport of cereals and feed, animal shelters) as well as in the industrial and ecological sector (silos for spreading salts, fiberglass covers for purification tanks).

Our work system, from the selection of raw materials to the logistics and shipment of finished products, is entirely governed by the ISO 9001-2008 standards, and we also follow the strict construction standards of the static certifications issued by the German Federal Institute of Engineering. (DIBT).

Our engineers and technical consultants, equipped with the most sophisticated design tools, collaborate closely with a young, dynamic and active sales team throughout the world in order to provide the best products and solutions to all our customers.

Finally, our awareness to the environment is an integral part of our business philosophy and for this reason we gain the energy necessary for production only from renewable sources.

AGRITECH’s numbers


silos produced each year


shelters for calves, pigs and horses produced every year


hours of work each year for the production of silos and other fiberglass items


countries around the world where Agritech commercialize its products


km covered every year by our trucks to deliver products in Italy and Europe


models of different capacities silos produced by Agritech


linear meters of silos produced each year


silos that have been produced by the Agritech brand since 1987


kg of glass fibres processed each year


kg of galvanized steel processed each year


kg of goods processed over 28 years of business



STORAGE and more

In its thirty years of activity, Agritech has achieved a leadership position in the processing of fiberglass silos and, over time, also a wide range of items have been realized with the aim of satisfy the specific needs of customers in the agricultural and industrial sectors, from the storage of products to the transport of feed.

The slogan “Storage and more” means that we provide in addiction of a wide range of fiberglass silos from 2 to 100 m³ for the storage of bulk materials, such as grains, feed, fertilizers and mineral salts, complementary and supplementary products, such as tanks for the transport of feed, tanks for the storage of liquid and semi-liquid products, mechanical steel and flexible conveyors for the transport and distribution of bulk materials.

Always paying particular attention to the requests and needs of our primary representatives, the farmers, we have progressively introduced many innovative solutions, such as, for example, modular and enclosed fiberglass boxes for calves, horses and pigs, large volume fans AGRIFAN for the ventilation of the barns and the fiberglass covers for water treatment of the ECOTECH series.

We invite you to explore our site, to discover the above and the numerous minor products and accessories that AGRITECH, with the same care dedicated to the manufacture of silos for over thirty years, makes available to you with passion and competence.