Fiberglass SILOS

Fiberglass silos for the storage of feed, strictly characterized by the ISO9001 Quality Certification

The fiberglass silos made by Agritech are lightweight, airtight and able to offer a high mechanical resistance and a high level of thermal insulation. The properties of fiberglass make our silos extremely durable, resistant from corrosion and without the need for special maintenance. Agritech’s silos are sold in more than 70 countries all over the world and disponible in various models, from single-body versions to those with horizontal or vertical joints, which allow efficient logistics and consequently an optimization of transport costs. We produce models that meet various capacity, starting from 2 Mc. up to 100 Mc.


The silos fiberglass mod. SIA are characterized by two shells, the internal one is smooth conical shape and one of cylindrical shape, which allow the stored products to fall easily. Their modular design facilitates their logistics and consequently reduces transport costs. There are three models: the SIA AN version characterized by a short leg structure attached to a support ring in the center of the silo; the SIA GL version instead consists of long legs fixed to the silo through solid steel plates and finally the new SIA TQS model with the internal surface completely smooth and the structure with support ring for short legs. All the models mentioned are prepared for the screw conveyors or pneumatic filling and for the extraction of the product by gate bottom, screws or automatic systems.


Vertical fiberglass silos composed by different shells on depending on the capacity of the silo. Their modular structure optimizes their logistics and transport costs; in fact, they can be easily transported in large quantities on trucks, trucks with trailers and semi-trailers.


Monolithic fiberglass silos composed of a single body without joints, which guarantees its total hermeticity. This type of silo is suitable to be transported to areas close to our production site. These silos are assembled at our workshop and installed directly in the close farms.


The fiberglass silos with horizontal joint mod. SIO are composed of two parts, the cylindrical one and the conical one. Their modular design facilitates the logistics and it optimize the transport costs. The storage capacity of our SIO includes various models starting from 2 MC. up to 31 M.


Vertical fiberglass silos composed by different shells depending on the capacity of the silo. Their special modular design makes them particularly suitable for transport in 20′ and 40′ maritime containers.


Our new range of fiberglass silos mod. CUBO was designed to meet the needs of versatility, practicality and economy in the storage of small quantities of feed and cereals. Agritech produces three different cube silos models (2 Mc. 2.7 Mc. and 3 Mc.) through their easy and efficient logistics, they can be transported both mounted and disassembled in large quantities on trucks.


Rectangular silos made of fiberglass reinforced and supported by a solid hot deep galvanized steel structure with four supports and braces. This type of silos is suitable for storing bulk feed and dried raw materials; the loading takes place through the opening roof with manual hand winch. It is available in different capacities, from 6 Mc. to 22 Mc.


Reinforced fiberglass silos for the storage of high-density products, such as fertilizers, mineral salts, calcium carbonate. The reinforced fiberglass body guarantees a elevate mechanical resistance and a high level of thermal insulation. The Mod.  AGRISTRONG are mounted on a heavy steel structures and allow the fall of the products by gravity, or by manual drive or electropneumatic shutters.

Silos for PELLET

Fiberglass silos for the storage of wood pellets, suitable for supply of pellet in boilers or for others specific applications. This type of silos can be customized with certain colors, accessories and with automated systems for transporting the pallet according to various needs.


Fiberglass silos specific designed for the storage of milk powder for feeding calves. The combination of various elements, such as the spiral filling tube with tangential inlet, a channel screw with thrust motor and a motorized vibrating bottom ensure an efficient extraction of the product and optimal hygienic conditions for the preservation of the nutritional properties.


Continuous innovative research and market suggestions have allowed us to develop a wide range of accessories to equip our silos. We can provide different extraction bottoms, hatch inspection for the silo, vibrating systems to increase the smoothness of products tending to coagulate, cyclone devices for the reduction of dust emissions during pneumatic loading, blowers for the elimination of hot air generated during filling, telescopic bars for the protection of the silo body and dust filling fiberglass collectors with filter bag.