SHELTERS for animals

Production of shelters for the outdoor breeding of calves, pigs and horses

The constant research for innovative solutions in the livestock sector has led Agritech to create a series of fiberglass boxes and shelters, alternative to conventional stables, and equipped to meet the needs of individual or group housing.


Specifically designed for the breeding of calves at open air, the shelters Mod. Agribox-Spheribox allow the farmers to accommodate from one to 16 animals by guaranteeing the maximum comfort and well-being for them. They are characterized by high  mechanical strength, an  excellent level of thermal insulation, as well as adequate air circulation; in addition,  they can  be equipped  with galvanized iron fences and accessories such as buckets for water and milk, racks for hay and feeders in order to make them real complete and guarantee a self-sufficient breeding environments.


The box is made with the polyurethane coated panels in fiberglass are designed for the weaning phase of pigs and constitute an effective and economical alternative to traditional stables, by offering animals a healthy and comfortable environment. Thanks to the easy washability of the surfaces and the division of animals into small independent groups, our boxes guarantee a significant reduction in bacterial load and a decrease in the risk of spreading diseases at this critical stage of breeding.


Modular insulation fiberglass shed designed to accommodate the weaning piglets, but also adaptable to other animals and uses. Unlike traditional stables, our modular AGRITUNNEL can be easily installed and transported. It has a high resistance to atmospheric agents and an excellent thermal insulation thanks to the 60 mm thick polyurethane walls. It can be also customizing with our extensive equipment of accessories to ensure the best conditions during the weaning phase.

EQUIBOX– for horses

Solid box in fiberglass can guarantee the optimal conditions for the health of the animal. Thanks to the heat-insulating characteristics of fiberglass, the box guarantees a cool environment in summer and sheltered from the cold in winter. It is also easy to clean and can be equipped by an external galvanized steel fence with large entrance gateway.

AGRICOOL– fridge box for deadstock

Fridge box produced in of fiberglass-coated polyurethane panels, suitable for storing deadstock such as piglets, lambs, chickens and rabbits. In addition to being easily washable it is equipped with a refrigerant unit with low energy consumption, adjustable from +10 ° C to -12 ° C. Finally, it can be easily emptied into the collection truck through a tipper lever without the operator coming into contact with the contents.