Frame with pulley device to hold the rope, Mod. POCAV

Frame with pulley device to hold the rope, Mod. POCAV

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  • Frame with pulley device to hold the rope for cover opening, Mod. POCAV

5 in stock

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Agritech is pleased to present our wide range of fiberglass tops, adaptable to all our silo models and designed the most different needs of farmers. Basically, there are two types of covers that can be distinguished by considering the silo loading method. There are models suitable for loading with the screw conveyors, which are equipped with a device for opening it from the ground; we also supply covers equipped with a windproof system which is useful for guaranteeing closure of the top even in the windiest areas. While the hermetic models for pneumatic loading are characterized by closing device with hinges and winglets or are directly bolted to the body of the silo. They differ in utility and size; if you have any doubts, please contact us directly to define the best cover for your needs.


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