Truck screw conveyor, Mod. CCMC

Truck screw conveyor, Mod. CCMC

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Truck screw conveyor – TYPE France – MOD. CCMC202, diameter 200 mm., Length 12 mt. produced in hot dip galvanized steel, including three-phase electric motors 380 V. 50 Hz. at the base, big receiving hopper mm. 1000 x 2000 without cover, with a reversing switch and a lifting gear. It is composed by:

  • Equipped with 380 V. three-phase engine, HP 10.
  • Carter cover engine.
  • Large tilt hopper, hot galvanized, mm dimensions. 1000 x 2000 with protective cage.
  • Switch and inverter to change the direction of rotation of the screw.
  • Stainless steel cable.
  • The last piece of the screw can be folded on a 3-metre-long cart;
  • 3 intermediate bearings with Teflon rings to support the spiral with greaser
  • Telescopic drawbar.
  • Hitch ring to drag the screw on a carriage, 45 mm diameter.
  • All machines are equipped with a plate, welded on the machine itself, which allows the identification of the screw;
  • Assembly instructions.

2 in stock

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Rigid screws on a mobile trolley allow easy handling of cereals, feed and other bulk products within the farm. Their versatility and the ability to move them easily from one site to another make them suitable to meet different needs. They are available in various lengths and diameters and can be equipped with hoppers of different sizes.


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