Silo in Fiberglass Mod. SIV (Copia)

Silo in Fiberglass Mod. SIV (Copia)

1,909.0030,593.00 i.e.

Fiberglass Silo, Mod. SIV, with vertical joint, suitable for the storage of powder or grain products (maximum specific density of the stocked products:  kg. 600/m3)

The silo includes:                                                                               

  • Two white vertical predrilled shells.
  • Three long legs in hot deep galvanized steel.
  • A filling pipe integrated into one leg.
  • One integrated exhausting pipes into leg.
  • Bracing in hot deep galvanized steel.
  • Access ladder with safety cage.
  • Bag with screw, nuts washers and mastic for the assembly.
  • Silo is provided in kit
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The fiberglass silos made by Agritech are lightweight, airtight and able to offer a high mechanical resistance and a high level of thermal insulation. The properties of fiberglass make our silos extremely durable, resistant from corrosion and without the need for special maintenance. Agritech’s silos are sold in more than 70   countries all over the world and disponible in various models, from single-body versions to those with horizontal or vertical joints, which allow efficient logistics and consequently an optimization of transport costs.


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