Fiberglass module for weaning piglets, Mod. FIBERBOX120

Fiberglass module for weaning piglets, Mod. FIBERBOX120

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Module in reinforced fiberglass & polyurethane for weaning piglets.  Mod.  FIBERBOX120, complete with:

  • Insulated polyester and polyurethane box with a 40 mm layer,
  • Two electric coils embedded in the floor for heating the FIBERBOX120
  • A fan with shutter,
  • Electronic control board temperature probe
  • Exit Door
  • Polyester basin for the collection of manure and slats (for the outdoor park).
  • PVC barrier (for outdoor park); ;
  • Stainless steel door to allow piglets access to the outdoor park;
  • A stainless-steel feeder.
  • Two cup drinkers in stainless steel inox,
  • Inside lamp.
  • Stainless steel bolt and screws;
  • Beige color.
  • The product is supply assembled.

DIMENSIONS OF FIBERBOX120: 2900 mm. X 2380 mm. X H. 1370 mm.

DIMENSIONS OF OUTDOOR PARK: 2980 mm. X 2380 mm. X H. 1000 mm.

2 in stock

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The box is made with the polyurethane coated panels in fiberglass are designed for the weaning phase of pigs and constitute an effective and economical alternative to traditional stables, by offering animals a healthy and comfortable environment. Thanks to the easy washability of the surfaces and the division of animals into small independent groups, our boxes guarantee a significant reduction in bacterial load and a decrease in the risk of spreading diseases at this critical stage of breeding.


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