Shelter for Pigs Mod. AGRIBOX5-P

Shelter for Pigs Mod. AGRIBOX5-P

1,450.00 i.e.

Fiberglass shelter for pigs, Mod. AGRIBOX5-P produced in polyester fiberglass complete with:

  • Nr.1 Polyester fiberglass Box with high mechanical resistance.
  • Nr.1 Spacing Bar.
  • Nr.1 Lifting hook with reinforced counter-plate.
  • Nr.1 Back side sliding window for aeration.
  • Nuts, bolts and mastic for assembly.
  • Assembly Instruction.
  • White or green colors.

Products Dimensions:

Box: 3160 mm. X 2100 mm. X h. 1300 mm.

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Specifically designed for the breeding of calves at open air, the shelters Mod. Agribox-Spheribox allow the farmers to accommodate from one to other animals by guaranteeing the maximum comfort and well-being for them. They are characterized by high  mechanical strength, an  excellent level of thermal insulation, as well as adequate air circulation; in addition,  they can  be equipped  with galvanized iron fences and accessories such as buckets for water and milk, racks for hay and feeders in order to make them real complete and guarantee a self-sufficient breeding environments.


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