Agritech is pleased to present the new AGRITREMIE range of hoppers produced in clear polyester and supported by a solid hot deep galvanized steel structure.

Three different models to meet the more specific needs of the breeder

Our AGRITREMIE hoppers are available in three different capacities, starting from 2 Mc. up to 22 Mc.; in addiction, they can also be surmounted by corrugated sheet metal ferrules. The circular shape guarantees an easy fall of the stored product such as bulk cereals.

In fact, in the AGRITREMIE can be stored feed and dried raw materials with specific weight up to 700Kg/Mc. Its modular design allows to optimize its logistics; in fact, up to 10 models can be loaded onto a truck of 4 Mt of length.

Finally, the 445 mm diameter outlet allows to install any bottom of the AGRITECH range, from reductions for automatic distribution systems to screw conveyors systems, up to the classic sliding gate bottom.

Cover Agritremie