AGRICASE: the most voluminous one-piece and rectangular hopper of the made in Italy.

Agritech is pleased to present the new rectangular-shaped silo Mod. AGRICASE produced in reinforced fiberglass and supported by a solid hot deep galvanized steel structure with four supports and braces.

Up to 22 m. capacity thanks to the special modular extensions

Our AGRICASE is available in different capacities, starting from 6 Mc. up to 22 Mc., and it is equipped with a metal structure and reinforced fiberglass. The rectangular shape differentiates it structurally from the traditional fiberglass silos models, in fact the configuration of the lid facilitates its loading directly with the agricultural machineries available in the breeder’s farms and it can be comfortably opened with a a winch system positioned on the back of the silo.

Feed and dried raw materials with a specific weight of up to 700Kg/Mc. can be safely stored, and thanks to the smooth internal sides, AGRICASE guarantees a perfect fall of the products inside the hopper. Its modular design allows to optimize its logistics, in fact they can be loaded up to 16 complete AGRICASE on a truck.

Finally, the 780 mm diameter outlet allows to install any bottom of the AGRITECH range, from reductions for automatic distribution systems to the screw conveyors with different inclinations, up to the classic bottom with the sliding gate.